Bug Spraying/Fertilizing Front Entrance 8-20-13

ImageAbacoa Pest Control has come out to spray our front entrance for whitefly, chinch bugs and other bugs. They will inoculate the coconut palms for whitefly also, which means any coconut taken from the trees out front CANNOT be eaten.

***NOTE:  Your HOA strongly recommends treating your yard for chinch bugs and trees for whitefly REGULARLY.  This will help stop the spread of the pests to each other’s property.  They particularly like to munch on FICUS and any kind of Palm Tree.

Most pest control companies provide that service. Some residents use Pestar 561-733-4466, Nozzel Nolen 800-226-6536, and Hulett Environmental Services 866-611-2847.

Also, our poor foxtail palms are in need of some TLC!  APC will also perform a deep root fertilizer injection on all the wilting foxtails to help bring them back to life.  This will be the first of many actions taken to save these beautiful palms.  With some TLC…in about a year they should be back to their healthy state.



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