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Garbage day pickup changing March 7th, 2023, please take note

Waste Pro is changing our garbage collection to a day earlier than what it is now starting March 7th. So garbage and recyclables will be Tuesdays, and bulk pick up, lawn debris and garbage will be Fridays. Please do not put trash out earlier than the night before as per our HOA guidelines.

If you would like to request a recycling bin replacement, go here:

New garbage bins delivered

The Solid Waste Authority has delivered new garbage cans to our neighborhood. They have to be used starting October 1st. The new cans are for general garbage, NOT lawn debris or recycling. The SWA says if any garbage you want to throw away can fit in the can, put it in there. There is no weight limit. They will not pick up anything outside or around the can anymore (unless it’s bulk like furniture, etc)

Place the can with the wheels on the sidewalk side, and the arrows on the lid pointing toward the street. (As pictured) Do NOT put the cans near mailboxes or under trees, as the new automatic truck will not be able to lift the can over the truck if it’s not clear.

You can still use your old cans for landscaping debris. The limit on landscaping debris is 6 cubic yards….Or an 18ft long by 3ft wide by 3ft high pile. For more info visit New Yard Waste Ordinance

Again, please don’t use the new can until October 1st, after that we will only use the new can.


RIP Michelle Drapeau, Palisades Resident

It’s a sad May at the Palisades, we lost another neighbor, Michelle Drapeau. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. Michelle was a great asset to our community. She helped by giving good advise, and had some great ideas for the community. She touched a lot of her neighbors, new and old thanks to her compassion and strong will. She will be missed. I asked Brooke, a neighbor who was very close to her and her daughters, to write something about Michelle:


On May 8th 2019, we lost an Angel who bravely fought and lost her battle to Cancer. Michelle Drapeau was a mother of three beautiful girls. Her strength and love for her girls was her day to day treatment to get through the toughest of times and the many challenges she faced. Despite those challenges she continued to open her heart and her home to others in need. There was never a limit to the amount of love, strength and hope that she spread to those around her. Michelle’s outlook on life, love, and hope resulted in a huge heart that is an inspiration to all who knew her. She will be greatly missed but her everlasting comfort and impact on our hearts will never perish……
Rest In Peace Michelle ❤️

-Brooke Nicoletta

New call box installed

The new call box is in! We are still working out some glitches so please bear with us. Everyone should’ve gotten their new remotes a few weeks ago and codes a couple months ago. It appears with the new clickers you have to be a lot closer to the box for it to get the signal. You will need to reprogram your car with the new remotes. Please report any issues with the remotes or codes to the management company. We’re still working out a few bugs.


The interface is a little different. To search for names, hit the home button(has a little house on it) then select directory, then you can scroll through the names with the arrow keys. (There’s no longer a direct call code) when you find the name, highlight it and hit the green button to call.

Receiving a call from the gate:

When the gate calls your phone, to open the gate hit the 9 button. If you want to talk to the person and there is too much noise out front by the box(or the person is talking) …you have to hit the 1 button on your phone. It’s like a Walkie Talkie and will only let one person talk at once and hitting 1 will give you priority.

To enter in your code: if the call box is black, on the welcome screen, or on the home screen, just punch in your code then hit the green enter button. If you pull up and it is in the directory, (you see names on the screen) you have to exit that mode by hitting the home button, then enter code.

Any problems please let the management company know.