Prepare for Hurricane Irma

A hurricane watch may be issued for south Florida in the upcoming days.  The time is now to start preparing your house for possible hurricane conditions. 
We recommend you take all lose objects in from your porch, back and side yards. That includes planters, furniture, pool toys, tables, grills, and anything else that is not tied down. Please do that by Friday. If we get in a hurricane watch or warning, Make a plan to put up hurricane shutters no later than Friday night.   Friday will be the last day to make any preparations. Remember, some insurance companies will not cover any losses unless you protect your house. Get gas, water and food for 3 days, and any medications. For more info on evacuations, hurricane plans, and what the governor’s statements are…visit
You should never empty your pool or throw anything in it. Visit Pool Tips for more info.  If anyone needs help…ask around. We are lucky to have a small and friendly neighborhood with people willing to help each other out. 

Report any damages like trees down, gate issues, etc to the management company tel: 954-969-1330 and also email
Thanks and good luck to all of us! 


Why isn’t my code, clicker working? 

There was a glitch in the system and the database was corrupted in the call box. Some names, clickers, and codes got deleted. I’m working as fast as possible to put all the info back in, but it’s a slow tedious process. Please bear with me. If your code or clickers don’t work, please email with your name, address, gate code, and clicker code.  I will get them back in as soon as possible. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. 

New mailboxes!

The board of directors has decided that it is in the best interest of the community and its residents to replace all of the mailboxes.  Homeowners will not be responsible for this one time replacement cost, however you will be responsible for the upkeep.  Please keep your new mailbox clean and in working order from now on. 

We also cleaned up the landscaping around all the boxes, and replaced the plants where needed. For those who got the new plants, please water them daily for about a month if it doesn’t rain. In the future it is the homeowners responsibility to replace any plants that die. 

Oak tree trimming/pruning 

The oaks in the front and along the streets are getting pruned and lifted. The special way they are getting trimmed allows them to grow upward and outward, and not hang down hitting trucks or bother people. Which is the only way oaks are supposed to be trimmed. 

Unfortunately the oaks in the front yards are not covered, only the ones on the swale. If you would like your tree pruned, contact Danny at he charges $35 per oak.

Remember, trees are important to our neighborhood and no unauthorized removal of any trees anywhere is allowed. 

Gate issues 

I wanted to give an update on the problems with the gate this week.  The motherboard and possibly the keypad need to be replaced. We shut it off until the parts come in and can be installed. After that I have to reprogram everything back into the system. I’m hoping to have that done over the weekend (if it goes smoothly. cross your fingers!) 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Lake fish stocking 

With the rainy season beginning, so begins mosquito season! Our lake management company informed us there is a certain fish we could put in the lake to help combat the mosquito population by eating all the larvae in the lake.  Since it didn’t cost all that much, we went ahead and ordered the mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis). 

They were released Friday and hopefully will get to work munching away.  These small fish are only a few inches long, but can eat more than their body weight in mosquito larvae. These little guys, along with the lake treatments a few times a year should really help combat the spread of these pests that carry deseases like Zika and West Nile virus.  You can do your part by making sure there isn’t any standing water around your house. 

Remember, if fishing in the lake it is catch and release only!