County to do mosquito spraying

****update****Last night’s attempt to conduct aerial spraying

was canceled due to mechanical issues.

Repairs have been completed and

Palm Beach County Division of Mosquito Control

will re-attempt aerial spraying beginning at

sunset on Friday, June 1, weather permitting.

The Palm Beach County Division of Mosquito Control will be conducting aerial spraying beginning at sunset on Thursday, May 31, weather permitting.

The planned coverage area of approximately 280,000 acres covers populated areas west of Military Trail and the Glades communities. Aerial spraying is necessary due to a large hatch of mosquitoes from the recent heavy rains. The action is not in response to mosquito-borne disease.

To further help control mosquitoes, residents are asked to drain or minimize standing water on their properties.

If you are going be outdoors after dark, use an insect repellent containing DEET and wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

Rabid raccoon found in Breakers West

Florida health department of Palm Beach County warning about raccoons with rabies in our area. Please keep an eye out and report any suspicious animals to animal control. Info below:

West Palm Beach- Florida Department of Health Laboratory confirmed today that a raccoon acting aggressive and had scratched and bitten a worker in Breakers West has tested positive for rabies.

Animal Care & Control was notified Friday, May 4, that a raccoon in Breakers West was acting aggressive and had bitten a worker. A local trapper was also called and was able to capture the raccoon and delivered it to Animal Care and Control for testing. The individual was treated for the wound and has begun a five shot series of preventive rabies vaccine.

According to the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County this is the fourth confirmed rabid animal this year in the county. Residents and visitors to Breakers West are cautioned to avoid contact with any wildlife and report suspicious animals to Animal Care and Control.

Rabies is a disease of the nervous system and is fatal to warm blooded animals and humans. The only treatment for human exposure to rabies is rabies-specific immune globulin and rabies immunization. Appropriate treatment started soon after the exposure will protect an exposed person from the disease.

The following advice is issued:

• Keep rabies vaccinations up to date for all pets.

• Keep your pets under direct supervision so they do not come in contact with wild animals.

If your pet is bitten by a wild animal, seek veterinary assistance for the animal immediately

and contact Animal Care & Control at 561-233-1200.

• Call your local animal control agency to remove any stray animals from your


• Spay or neuter your pets to help reduce the number of unwanted pets that may not be

properly cared for or regularly vaccinated.

• Do not handle, feed, or unintentionally attract wild animals with open garbage cans or


• Never adopt wild animals or bring them into your home.

• Teach children never to handle unfamiliar animals, wild or domestic, even if they appear friendly.

• Prevent bats from entering living quarters or occupied spaces in homes, churches, schools, and other similar areas where they might come in contact with people and pets.

For further information on rabies, go to the Florida Department of Health website:

or contact the Florida Health Palm Beach County, 561-840-4500. Animals exhibiting signs of sickness and aggressive behavior should be reported to Animal Control at 561-233-1200.

Some Changes

A letter from your HOA President:

My wife and I moved into this neighborhood knowing nothing about HOA’s or how any of all this stuff worked, but what I did know is I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to ‘do my part’… to help people…to help improve the community in which I chose to live.   So I put my name in at an election meeting 5 years ago, and got elected to the board that night. Along with Christian, Lara, Karen and Danny, we were the new HOA board.  When it came time to assign roles, I threw my name in for president, not thinking a new resident would get it, but I did!  I was very enthusiastic about my new responsibility, there was a lot of work to be done. The old board did a great job of keeping us out of debt and financially sound during the real estate crash…but now it was time to rebuild and improve communications. I knew we had a long road ahead but was willing to put in the volunteer hours to make this community the best it could be.   Redoing the front entrance, moving and sealing the gazebo, painting the signs and pillars, installing a new playground, painting the benches,  negotiating vendor contracts, installing surveillance equipment, getting a fountain for the lake, fighting a legal battle against the fountain, getting new gate operators, cleaning up after two hurricanes, restriping the street lines, and making sure the holiday lights get up every year are just some of the things we’ve accomplished in 5 years.   Being the hands on type of guy that I am, A lot of those things I helped with myself with my own blood, sweat and tears so we wouldn’t have to pay the outrageous prices that vendors would charge.   I am very proud of the things we were able to accomplish under my leadership, but it’s time to think of new challenges, new ways to volunteer my time and talent. So I have decided to retire as your HOA president.   I don’t know how many HOA presidents have had the opportunity to personally talk to everyone in their community, but I’m proud to say I have. It was under unfortunate circumstances, but I do value that time I spent with each of you, and am thankful I had the opportunity to do so.

I will still be glad to help anyone in my upcoming civilian days as just a neighbor.   You will still see me around fixing things, re-planting, cleaning up….because I want to continue to do my part. (and still don’t want us to have to to pay $300 to change a lightbulb) but my leadership duties for the HOA have come to an end.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, and this HOA board in our decisions to improve this community and push it in the right direction. Know that every decision that was made was for the betterment of the Palisades community FIRST and FOREMOST.

I leave the board in good hands, seasoned pro Lara Wagener will now move from Treasurer to President, and I know she’ll do a fantastic job. Veteran Karen Nicoletta will remain at her role as secretary, Carlos Infante, who joined the board last year when Danny left, will stay as director, and rookie, Barrington Barry will  take on the role as Vice President. Barry is always around willing to help out so I think he’ll do great. Christian Ramos also retired(thanks for being my right-hand man!) so that leaves one position open for anyone else that wants to volunteer until the next election meeting in March 2019.

I hope you will give them your full support, as you have given me.  They will be working hard as volunteers to keep this community amazing.

Thank you for your time, and understanding.

James Wieland


Fresh paint for playground area

The picnic tables, bench, and garbage cans in the playground got a fresh coat of paint and they look fabulous! Looks like new with colors to match the play set. 😃

Please clean up after yourself and put all garbage in the garbage can. It doesn’t get emptied every week, only when landscapers come and sometimes they forget.

Other maintenance projects:

The front gate will have the dents and gashes repaired and will be touched up with black paint.

We are still working on getting the front street striping done. Waiting on a new batch of quotes. This is taking a lot lol get than I had hoped.

Mulch for the playground will be topped off on Friday, or early next week. This also has taken way too long. We will be looking around for a new mulch company that is more efficient.

We will be working on repairs to the front signs where falling coconuts damaged the tops of the pillars.

New signs are ordered and installed to prevent accidental driving over the grass at the entrance. We can’t keep replacing the grass there every other week.

We are accepting another round of quotes to upgrade our security camera system at the front gate. The last quotes were well out of our budget.

Fountain amendment results

The community has spoken, and it loves the fountain upgrade! In a landslide 34-2 vote, the fountain amendment has officially passed and is being recorded! Thanks to everyone who helped support the boards decision to install the fountain in our lake. We really appreciate it, as will the wildlife that call the lake home. The fountain will have new  operating hours of 2pm-10:30pm through mid April. Then hours TBD for the summer.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Your HOA board would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Look for the holiday lights to go up soon, and the hopefully the mulch will be delivered soon. (They tell us they are backed up because of the hurricane. )

Reminder, the Holiday party is coming up December 15th. Hope to see you there! (See previous post for details)

Palisades Holiday party is back!

After a brief hiatus last year, the Palisades Holiday party will be back this year!

We will be hosting our annual holiday party on December 15, 2017 from 7pm to midnight at 8608 Palisades Lake Drive.

There will be 2 babysitters upstairs with crafts for the kids. If you need a sitter, this is an inexpensive way to enjoy the party and have the kids close.

We will do a gift exchange so if you would like to participate, bring a $10.00 gift.

There will be some catering, but we ask if you can, Bring an appetizer or dessert. Coordinate with Leah at 561 568- 1656

There will be a DJ who will stop playing music at 10:00 pm to respect our neighbors.

**Special thanks to our new residents, the Millers, for opening up their home and organizing the whole event. Also big thanks go out to the Valby’s, for helping plan and donating the beverages.

Hope to see you there!