New garbage bins delivered

The Solid Waste Authority has delivered new garbage cans to our neighborhood. They have to be used starting October 1st. The new cans are for general garbage, NOT lawn debris or recycling. The SWA says if any garbage you want to throw away can fit in the can, put it in there. There is no weight limit. They will not pick up anything outside or around the can anymore (unless it’s bulk like furniture, etc)

Place the can with the wheels on the sidewalk side, and the arrows on the lid pointing toward the street. (As pictured) Do NOT put the cans near mailboxes or under trees, as the new automatic truck will not be able to lift the can over the truck if it’s not clear.

You can still use your old cans for landscaping debris. The limit on landscaping debris is 6 cubic yards….Or an 18ft long by 3ft wide by 3ft high pile. For more info visit New Yard Waste Ordinance

Again, please don’t use the new can until October 1st, after that we will only use the new can.


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