New call box installed

The new call box is in! We are still working out some glitches so please bear with us. Everyone should’ve gotten their new remotes a few weeks ago and codes a couple months ago. It appears with the new clickers you have to be a lot closer to the box for it to get the signal. You will need to reprogram your car with the new remotes. Please report any issues with the remotes or codes to the management company. We’re still working out a few bugs.


The interface is a little different. To search for names, hit the home button(has a little house on it) then select directory, then you can scroll through the names with the arrow keys. (There’s no longer a direct call code) when you find the name, highlight it and hit the green button to call.

Receiving a call from the gate:

When the gate calls your phone, to open the gate hit the 9 button. If you want to talk to the person and there is too much noise out front by the box(or the person is talking) …you have to hit the 1 button on your phone. It’s like a Walkie Talkie and will only let one person talk at once and hitting 1 will give you priority.

To enter in your code: if the call box is black, on the welcome screen, or on the home screen, just punch in your code then hit the green enter button. If you pull up and it is in the directory, (you see names on the screen) you have to exit that mode by hitting the home button, then enter code.

Any problems please let the management company know.

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