Some Changes

A letter from your HOA President:

My wife and I moved into this neighborhood knowing nothing about HOA’s or how any of all this stuff worked, but what I did know is I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to ‘do my part’… to help people…to help improve the community in which I chose to live.   So I put my name in at an election meeting 5 years ago, and got elected to the board that night. Along with Christian, Lara, Karen and Danny, we were the new HOA board.  When it came time to assign roles, I threw my name in for president, not thinking a new resident would get it, but I did!  I was very enthusiastic about my new responsibility, there was a lot of work to be done. The old board did a great job of keeping us out of debt and financially sound during the real estate crash…but now it was time to rebuild and improve communications. I knew we had a long road ahead but was willing to put in the volunteer hours to make this community the best it could be.   Redoing the front entrance, moving and sealing the gazebo, painting the signs and pillars, installing a new playground, painting the benches,  negotiating vendor contracts, installing surveillance equipment, getting a fountain for the lake, fighting a legal battle against the fountain, getting new gate operators, cleaning up after two hurricanes, restriping the street lines, and making sure the holiday lights get up every year are just some of the things we’ve accomplished in 5 years.   Being the hands on type of guy that I am, A lot of those things I helped with myself with my own blood, sweat and tears so we wouldn’t have to pay the outrageous prices that vendors would charge.   I am very proud of the things we were able to accomplish under my leadership, but it’s time to think of new challenges, new ways to volunteer my time and talent. So I have decided to retire as your HOA president.   I don’t know how many HOA presidents have had the opportunity to personally talk to everyone in their community, but I’m proud to say I have. It was under unfortunate circumstances, but I do value that time I spent with each of you, and am thankful I had the opportunity to do so.

I will still be glad to help anyone in my upcoming civilian days as just a neighbor.   You will still see me around fixing things, re-planting, cleaning up….because I want to continue to do my part. (and still don’t want us to have to to pay $300 to change a lightbulb) but my leadership duties for the HOA have come to an end.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, and this HOA board in our decisions to improve this community and push it in the right direction. Know that every decision that was made was for the betterment of the Palisades community FIRST and FOREMOST.

I leave the board in good hands, seasoned pro Lara Wagener will now move from Treasurer to President, and I know she’ll do a fantastic job. Veteran Karen Nicoletta will remain at her role as secretary, Carlos Infante, who joined the board last year when Danny left, will stay as director, and rookie, Barrington Barry will  take on the role as Vice President. Barry is always around willing to help out so I think he’ll do great. Christian Ramos also retired(thanks for being my right-hand man!) so that leaves one position open for anyone else that wants to volunteer until the next election meeting in March 2019.

I hope you will give them your full support, as you have given me.  They will be working hard as volunteers to keep this community amazing.

Thank you for your time, and understanding.

James Wieland


5 thoughts on “Some Changes

    1. Beautifully said James. You have done an amazing job and I look forward to working with you in your civilian status!

  1. James,

    I know you had to eat some serious s@$! But you did a great job. Your selflessness does not go unseen.

    Thank you James.

    Michelle Drapeau-Stewart 561-818-3683 Sent from my iPhone


  2. So sorry to see you go James. You did amazing things for this community! Glad to hear you’ll still be around helping even though you’ll no longer have the position. Much success to Lara.

  3. James, you did a phenomenal job as the HOA President. We felt warmly welcomed into the neighborhoid in large part because of your sincere dedication to your role. Praying many blessings are in store as you commit your talents to other endeavors.

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