Fresh paint for playground area

The picnic tables, bench, and garbage cans in the playground got a fresh coat of paint and they look fabulous! Looks like new with colors to match the play set. πŸ˜ƒ

Please clean up after yourself and put all garbage in the garbage can. It doesn’t get emptied every week, only when landscapers come and sometimes they forget.

Other maintenance projects:

The front gate will have the dents and gashes repaired and will be touched up with black paint.

We are still working on getting the front street striping done. Waiting on a new batch of quotes. This is taking a lot lol get than I had hoped.

Mulch for the playground will be topped off on Friday, or early next week. This also has taken way too long. We will be looking around for a new mulch company that is more efficient.

We will be working on repairs to the front signs where falling coconuts damaged the tops of the pillars.

New signs are ordered and installed to prevent accidental driving over the grass at the entrance. We can’t keep replacing the grass there every other week.

We are accepting another round of quotes to upgrade our security camera system at the front gate. The last quotes were well out of our budget.

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