**Community Alert!** Car Stolen from driveway 

A Maserati was stolen out of a residents driveway on Palisades Lake Drive this past Sunday (10/8/17) morning between 430am and 5am.  There is some security camera footage that shows at least 3 thieves walking around cars on that block before tearing out of the driveway with the Maserati. We also have reports of a Tahoe at the front circle at that time.  The car was later found dumped in Riviera Beach with $20,000 worth of damage to it. 

There is a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of any of these individuals.  

If you saw anything, contact Deputy Robert Woods at WoodsR@pbso.org. The police indicated that they have seen an uptick of transient activity in our area and would encourage anyone who sees ANYTHING suspect to call the police. They are going to recommend more patrols in our area as well. 

As a small community, our greatest defense against criminals is staying vigilant. If you see something, say something! Call 911 and report it. 

We are working on upgrading our gate surveillance system and possibly adding some more cameras.  If you have a camera system, please check the footage from Sunday morning.  If you come across something suspicious, please send it to officer Woods at the email listed above. 

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