Hurricane Debris piles

Since the Solid Waste Authority is backed up for months on picking up the debris left behind from hurricane Irma, The board has been looking into options to get rid of all the piles sooner rather than later. Since the SWA is not waiving any dump fees, it’s just too expensive to haul it all to the dump ourselves. BUT, We came up with a creative solution. The board unanimously decided to pay our landscaper to move all the piles inside the community into two huge piles at the entrance right off Okeechobee Blvd. 

This will solve a few things. 

1. Any hazards will be away from people’s houses. 

2. It’s a wide open area for SWA trucks to get in and load it without trees or obsticals in the way.

3. The SWA will be able to see it from Okeechobee Blvd…and hopefully not forget our quiet little nook, which they have done in the past. 

4. It may get picked up sooner, as the SWA says they are picking up the biggest piles first. And these piles will be huge. 

5. It’s about half the price! Danny will also rake up all the leaves, leaving the streets clean. 

The grass in the swales should spring back in a couple weeks or so. 

I called SWA and they said it’s ok with them as long as it’s accessible. I looked up those parcels of land in PAPA and they do belong to us so we’re not dumping it on someone else’s property(aside from a little spill over).  We may have to replace some grass out front but it’s better than everyone’s swale dying which each homeowner would be responsible for.  We’re looking out for you. 

Unfortunately the sidewalks may be covered in some areas. We will do our best to keep a path through but it may be unavoidable in some spots. 

As for regular grass mowing, it will resume Monday or Tuesday. 

Thank you for your patience! 

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