Hurricane Irma aftermath, a note from your HOA President

I’ve checked up on many of you personally and It looks like we got through Irma with just a lot of tree damage and some fences in our community.  We definitely got lucky with this one. 

I’m very proud of this neighborhood coming together and helping each other out before, and after the storm. I thank each and every one of you for making our little neighborhood feel like an extended family!  Special thanks to Christian, Jismarie, Rich and Brooke for helping me clear the tree blocking the entrance.  It was a lot heavier than it looked! 

Our landscaper, Danny deserves special thanks too for coming out so quickly and starting the clean-up. He will be finishing up over the next couple days then will be back to his normal routine next week. If there’s something he missed, please email him at 

I spoke to the driver from waste pro about picking up all the vegetation debris. He said they are contracting out another company that will come and sweep through all the neighborhoods with a clamshell crane truck. They ask that you please don’t pile up debris under any trees. They can’t get the crane in there when you do. Hopefully they can get in here by the weekend, but they have a lot to do so we need to be patient.  

Shutters can come off now too, it doesn’t look like Hurricane Jose is going to bother us. If you need help, just ask around!  If you haven’t gotten the wingnut driver tool, I highly recommend it! It make the job so much easier.  Hopefully we won’t have to do it again this season. 

Take care,


1 thought on “Hurricane Irma aftermath, a note from your HOA President

  1. Thank you so much for the update
    I pray we all have power
    Thank you also for the persons in the subdivision if they had to do any at my
    Please know how much I do appreciate it

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