Rush any Hurricane Irma preparations to completion today!

This is the last day to complete any hurricane preps you may have. Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall to our south as a major hurricane on Sunday, then move straight up the state. Tropical storm force winds will pick up on Saturday, the we will experience damaging hurricane force winds in our community on Sunday. Proper preparations need to be made. 

Here are a few do’s and don’ts 


Do have food, water, and fuel to last a week. Batteries flashlights, radios also important. 

Do put ALL shutters up!  Leaving the top floor unprotected can be detrimental to your house. If your window breaks, the roof can fly off like an extended umbrella flying in the wind. Always shut all windows and doors. 

Do lock your garage door down. There are clamps on the side that you can lock. Just remember to unlock them before you try to open it again. 

Do find a safe room in your house, (a closet on the lowest floor) and put supplies on there. Be prepared to go in there if it gets really bad. 

Do throw some shock in your pool and turn the pump off until after the storm and debris is out of pool. 


Don’t tape windows. It offers no protection what-so-ever. 

Don’t drain your pool or throw any furniture in it.  Your pool can pop out of the ground if it’s not full of water. And you’re furniture will be ruined.

Don’t park your car between the houses. Between houses can act as a wind tunnel speeding up winds making it worse. Plus your car will sink into the ground from all the rain and you will cause more damage than necessary.

Don’t crack windows to relieve the pressure. Your house isn’t air tight enough for that to matter. You want to keep all wind OUT of your house. Wind can take advantage of little cracks and make them bigger. Even behind shutters. 

Don’t wander around in the eye. It may get calm for a time, but the second half of the storm will come up on you quickly. You don’t want to be caught off guard outside away from your house. 

Always rely on local officials for Evacuation notices and more info. 

We have been advised to leave the gate open, and shut off the pumps during the storm. We will turn everything back on after the storm, provided their power. 

Good luck to everyone, and Godspeed.

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