Prepare for Hurricane Irma

A hurricane watch may be issued for south Florida in the upcoming days.  The time is now to start preparing your house for possible hurricane conditions. 
We recommend you take all lose objects in from your porch, back and side yards. That includes planters, furniture, pool toys, tables, grills, and anything else that is not tied down. Please do that by Friday. If we get in a hurricane watch or warning, Make a plan to put up hurricane shutters no later than Friday night.   Friday will be the last day to make any preparations. Remember, some insurance companies will not cover any losses unless you protect your house. Get gas, water and food for 3 days, and any medications. For more info on evacuations, hurricane plans, and what the governor’s statements are…visit
You should never empty your pool or throw anything in it. Visit Pool Tips for more info.  If anyone needs help…ask around. We are lucky to have a small and friendly neighborhood with people willing to help each other out. 

Report any damages like trees down, gate issues, etc to the management company tel: 954-969-1330 and also email
Thanks and good luck to all of us! 

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