Quarterly payments due on the 1st

There was some confusion during our January assessment payment as to when it is due. All quarterly payments are due on the 1st of the months of January, April, July, and October, NOT THE 30th.  If you send a payment after the first, you run the risk of a late fee of $27.50 and it will be your responsibility to pay the late fee. 

Payments can be made by check payable to the HOA of Palisades and mail to:

You can also pay online, or set up automatic payments. Just contact the management company on how to do those it’s very simple.  http://www.exclusivepm.net/

If you miss any payments you run the risk of being sent to collections which will automatically incur at least an additional $280 fee, on top of the $27.50 per month for being late.  Any problems paying please contact Exclusive Property Management at tel:800-510-7787

4 thoughts on “Quarterly payments due on the 1st

  1. Dear James,

    This is inconsistent with what has been communicated to homeowners to date. The payment slip makes it quite clear that payments after 30 April need to be $627.50. Payments made between 1st and 30th April need to be only $600.00.

    Regards, Barry


    1. That is incorrect barry, it clearly states on your coupon the due date is the 1st. Yes we do have a very generous grace period however, if you go by that you run the risk of the mail being late, processing taking longer, or any other obstacle that will add to the days. Going by the due date and not the late by date is good financial practice and assures not getting late fees.

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