Happy Thanksgiving from the Palisades!

The Palisades HOA board would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and your family.

A few things,

Parking: The holiday season has started and we get many visitors to our community, just a friendly reminder to let your guests know not to park on both sides of the road or on the grass. 

Holiday lights: We are planning on putting up the lights within the next week so if you want to volunteer, respond to this post in the comments section. 

Mulch: New mulch for the common areas is scheduled to be delivered in the next couple weeks. Make sure around your mailbox and swale trees is cleaned up. 

Pergola: We are still working on installing a pergola in the playground. This will be completed  in the beginning of next year. 

Coupons: A new coupon book will be mailed out before the end of the year. Please use the coupons to pay the quarterly dues. We changed banks so your payment might not get processed if you don’t.  Payment is due the first week of January, April, July, and October. 

Holiday party: We are in the planning stages for the annual holiday party. If someone would like to volunteer their home let us know! We need a place to host it. And if anyone wants to bring a dish that would help too. We have a very small budget. 

Happy holidays! 

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