New doggie stations

There have been some issues with pet waste being left around the community.  We want to make it easier for you to pick up after your pet.  For your convienence, we have installed two doggie waste stations. They are equipped with little bags to pick up dog waste, and a trash can to put it in.  Please be courteous and always dispose of your pet’s waste.  

One is located in the front east grassy area of the community between the gate and pillars at the end of the brick path. The other is in the middle of the lake brick path. (Marked on the map below) 

On that note, there have been some dogs walking around the community without leashes. There have been a few altercations with loose pets and other neighbors. 

Leashes are a must in this neighborhood. Quoting our HOA rules and regulations: “Those pets which in the sole discretion of the Association, endanger the health, make objectionable noise, or constitute a nuisance or inconvenience to the Owners of other Lots or the Owner of any property located adjacent to the Properties may be expelled and removed from the Properties by the Board. No pets shall be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. Dogs, which are household pets shall be confined to a leash whenever they are outside a Unit.”

Violations will be given out to anyone who’s pet is found without a leash from now on, regardless of the size of the dog. Whether it ran out of the house, escaped out the fence, or was just plain let out, it is the owners responsibility to keep track of their pet at all times. This rule will be strictly enforced. 

Also as per our HOA regulations, there is a limit of two pets per household. 


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