Turn on sprinklers 

This time of year is the hardest on plants and grass in south Florida. It’s hot every day and the summer rains haven’t started up yet. Just a few days without your yard being watered, and it will start turning brown. Here at the Palisades it is mandatory that you water your yard and each lawn looks green and well maintained. If you haven’t yet, check all your sprinkler heads before turning the timer on to make sure you have no leaks or busted heads. Then set the timer for at least 15minutes per zone 2-3 times per week to maintain a green yard.  Be sure to abide by the county restrictions listed below: 

If your timer is broken, you can order one on Amazon for around 85 bucks. It is really easy to install, but if you need help, contact our landscaper, Danny Wood at VividgreenDanny@yahoo.com or comment on this post and we will get it done for you. 

The management company will be going around the neighborhood and issuing violations to anyone who isn’t maintaining and watering their yard. 

The rainy season normally starts around the last week of May. Long range forecasts show this may be a drier than normal summer. If we get into a drought situation, then we will amend the rules to for whatever the county rules are. 

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