Front gate problems

The gate has been sporadically acting up for the past month or so. The gate technicians have been out several times but the problem still exists. They will continue to come out until the problem is found, in the mean time bear with us until it is fixed.

Please do not speed through or go out the in gate just because it’s already open. This is dangerous and you can injure yourself and the gate.  

5 thoughts on “Front gate problems

  1. At your last meeting was anything mentioned about the Wildcats that are running around the subdivision?
    I am highly allergic to them and I am unable to put out any of my front porch seating because they come up and sleep on them at night.
    Thank you so much
    Sue Woerner

  2. James, thanks for being a great HOA president and staying on top of everything this community needs; you’re doing a great job! Keep up the good work.

  3. I agree… We have only lived here for about 5 years and the community is turning into exactly what we hoped it would. With that said just an FYI- I noticed that the gate is opening automatically by itself. The left side will open all the way and the right slightly. It may be the Homeland ghost or the echo just programmed something wrong lol it threw me off guard this AM for sure lol 😝

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