Annual fall pressure cleaning underway!

The annual fall pressure cleaning of the property has begun. Marshall’s pressure cleaning will be on the property through Wednesday the 19th to complete the sidewalks, brick walkways, street pavers, street gutters, and mailboxes. If you would like your driveway/pavers/roof pressure cleaned contact Dennis Marshall at (561) 641-2363 or email:
Dennis lives at the Palisades so he would be happy to take care of anyone who needs his services. Whether you use Marshall’s or not, we would love for everyone to keep the outside of their house looking clean and new. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Annual fall pressure cleaning underway!

  1. Thanks for keeping me in formed. The attention to detail by this board is beyond my expectations. Thanks for doing a great job; you guys have my support in any decision you make, including fare increase to maintain and improve the community. Keep up the good job!

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