Time to paint your house??

The Palisades community is nearly 10 years old now, and you may feel your house needs a fresh coat of paint on the outside. The builder used Color Wheel paints, which are specifically designed to withstand south Florida weather. Since that time Color Wheel has been bought out by Sherwin Williams.

The board has set up an account with the Sherwin Williams store at 7170 Devons Road, Riviera Beach, which used to be a Color Wheel store.
They have the book from the builder of all the color schemes used in the neighborhood, and still sell the Color Wheel brand of paint. (Other Sherwin Williams locations will not)They will give you 10% off if you put it on the Palisades account. ***Your contractor may get a larger percentage off if they have an account there.
Don’t know what your color scheme is? Just look inside your breaker box for the correct colors.(see photo below)

Don’t want to use the same colors? Any color changes need to be approved by the board before painting begins. Just fill out an outdoor painting request form(online, click on “incident report/request form). A sample of all the colors and where they are going must be provided to the board after you submit the request online. Note that anything out of the earth tones will not be approved. Please allow 30 days for approval. If you are not changing the color of your house, you do not need approval.
Average price for a single story house is $2500-$3500, two story houses should run around $5000-$6000.

2 thoughts on “Time to paint your house??

  1. I have done mine already also
    I would be willing to pay the $150.00 more a year
    Everything is looking great in our Community

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