Front maintenance finished


All of the front maintenance has been completed!! We had many things going on that your HOA board wanted to finish in time for the holidays: Renovating the front landscaping, trimming a lot of the trees, moving and restoring the gazebo, lighting the gazebo, striping the road, painting the gates, painting the columns and signs, replacing the ‘P’s on the signs, power washing the sidewalks, pavers and mailboxes, and getting rid of the bus stop.
Thanks to everyone who helped accomplish these tasks and make our community a much nicer place!!!
Help keep our community beautiful by keeping the outside of your house clean and neat, power washing your roof/driveway/fence, and picking up any trash you may see around the property. If you see anybody littering, please report them to us.
We are working on getting some holiday lights up out front too. If anyone would like to help with that, please let us know, we’re running out of time!

Note: there will be no HOA meeting in December. Have a happy holidays and we will continue to make this community great in 2014!

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