Fall cleaning


Marshall’s Pressure Cleaners are here today to clean all our common area sidewalks, street gutters and curbs, street pavers, front signs and mailboxes. Special thanks to our own resident, Dennis Marshall for giving us a good deal! It will only take them one day. Look for sparkling clean surfaces throughout the community! Boy did they need it!

It is up to each resident to keep their driveway and roofs cleaned at all times, or you will risk a fine. Do your part in making our community beautiful by having your driveway and roof cleaned once a year. Here is a list of a few pressure cleaners that residents have used in the past:
Marshall’s Pressure Cleaning 561-641-2363
People’s Choice Pressure Cleaning 954-445-8033 h2opressure@bellsouth.net
Jimmy’s Pressure Cleaning 561-838-3259 or 623-0236

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