We saved the Gazebo!




After the floor rotted the Gazebo was sinking into the ground. It was looking like the gazebo was heading for the junk yard. Replacing it would’ve costed around $6,000. With a little ingenuity and some muscle…we saved the gazebo! We cut the floor off and got some volunteers to come help lift the gazebo off its foundation and move it to the center island as a nice centerpiece! Special thanks to board member Danny Marrone for coming up with the idea to put it in the front island!! It looks great!!
The gazebo will also be water sealed, leveled and anchored to the ground in the next few weeks so it lasts a long time there.
There are bougainvillea vines planted on either side of it that will grow up and over the top blooming nice bright flowers in the future. Plus some flower boxes will be added to the sides and lights to show it off at night.
***Note: The gazebo is now just decoration and NOT to be entered.

Thanks to all the residents who came out to help, and Vivid Green for using their people (and lawnmower) to help move the gazebo to its new home!

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